Business Card Trends

24 May 2022

Business cards are timeless and their role is essential – even in our digital era. Whilst they don’t lack popularity, businesses should stay up to date with the latest trends in order to stay competitive within their industry. They are a big part of first impressions, so nailing the perfect design is critical to getting and impressing clients.

Here are the top 4 Business card trends for 2022:

  1. Accessible and inclusive

Inclusivity is less of a ‘trend’ and something that all brands should strive for. This is not just with printing, but all other businesses. Over the past few years, the public is increasingly expecting accessibility and inclusivity as the bare minimum. Clothing stores are expected to broaden their size ranges, and the modelling industry is facing pressure to be more inclusive to both plus size people and disabled people. So, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with business cards, and the simple answer is yet another question. If you were to give your business card to 1000 people, could they all read it? The answer is no. About 17 of those people could not. So, it’s time to fix that. A simple and efficient way is adding braille with your contact information to make your business more accessible – something that many organisations are already doing. 

  1. Sustainable materials

Just like inclusivity, sustainability shouldn’t be a trend. If your business can afford to be sustainable, it should be. The truth is, unsustainable businesses are not only “going out of fashion”, but they’re being called out. If your business is advertised on social media, and you’re servicing the general public–the younger generations in particular–unethical practices just don’t fly. Another hard truth is that when your brand isn’t sustainable, there’s another brand in the same industry that is, and that is where customers will choose to go. It’s just as important to buy sustainably as it is to sell sustainably, and customers are spoiled for choice. So, if you want to impress your customers, offering an environmentally friendly business card will enhance your brand identity and reinforce your green values.

  1. Texture and touch

At the end of the day, business cards are just pieces of paper or plastic – which is perfectly fine, but is it exciting? Textured business cards have the advantage of being noticed not only through vision but also through touch. Linen, suede, ribbed, organic, natural with unique textured pattern options are available to ‘wow’ your clients. Also available are your standard business cards laced with raised lines, embossing, or foiling. It’s a little added touch that can only impress the recipient. 

  1. Experimental materials

Talking about materials, who said business cards had to be on paper? Business card trends are leaning towards experimental materials like wood, and even edible foods. Yep, you heard that right. From pasta to cookies, we’re seeing experimentation with edible business cards. Brand Pasta Boy Peter teaches Italian cooking classes, so he made business cards with his information laser-etched onto edible lasagna noodles. There are many other options available, including printing your logo and complex designs on custom printed photo chocolates. The options probably aren’t endless, but they are there!

*This blog post design trends in 2022, particularly for business cards.


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