Mailing Fulfilment

Here at Plastic Card Printing we are able to provide a range of direct mailing services, to improve the speed between printed card and satisfied customer.

Special requests may be negotiated using regular mail, clean mail, DPID and express post or even courier services, in this way we can send items to our clients or directly to their customers and members.

Items from our smallest keytags, through to product disclosure booklets can be handled. We are also able to arrange delivery for a wide range of promotional material (provided by the customer).

We understand that every client’s request will be different, and recognise how important your mailings are to your business. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best service and attention to every job, seeing it through from early stages of production to final delivery.


Every detail counts in presenting your products and services to potential and existing customers. With this in mind, Plastic Card Printing is able to print personalised data onto custom letterheads, attaching cards to those letters if required.

Our laser printing facilities provide a professionally presented letter to be sent on behalf of our clients to their members or customers; from simple letters of introduction, or detailed terms and conditions.

For more information on how we attach specific cards to specific letters, see Matching.



Often a card in the mail is not enough, there are many times when a customer needs details in a clear, legible form. For this reason we provide the service of attaching cards to carriers and letterheads.

We are able to match and attach cards to simple carriers with a company logo or limited use conditions, or we can attach them to letters of one or more pages with specific details for the cardholder.

When performing this service, we ensure that any customised data from the card and the attached paperwork are carefully matched to ensure your cardholder’s information remains confidential. We complete this with both intelligent and blind attachment facilities (see High Speed Attaching for more details).

Typically, a matching operation will be followed by a direct mail-out to a client’s members or customers. This provides a fast, accurate and professional service on behalf of our clients.

greensborough carrierCard Carriers

To add to the professional presentation of your cards, we offer the service of printing card carriers.

Card carriers may be used to:

Keep your cards protected while in transit or storage
Provide terms and conditions associated with the card
Provide extra information about your company and services

Card carriers are the perfect complement to your new cards. Why not ask our team about them today?


We understand that in many cases, time is of the essence. Membership cards at the start of a sporting season, annual renewals for company staff cards or changes in an ongoing loyalty program need to be handled accurately and efficiently. If your company doesn’t have the time or resources to handle a job like this, we can provide the services you need.

As a part of our standard mailing services, we are able to insert standard form letters or customised letterheads into envelopes for postage anywhere in Australia. Our automated (machine) inserting systems allow us to run high volume tasks with incredible efficiency.

We are capable of inserting into standard DL sized envelopes, or others at our client’s request.

This can be followed up with a direct mail-out to your members or customers.


If it can fit in a mailbox, we can mail it out to your members and customers.

Among our mailing services, we have provided a wide range of promotional items for our existing clients. This has included commonly found posted items such as stickers, key tags and promotional tokens, but has also included golf tees and other company specific items.

At this stage we can only send promotional items provided by our clients. If you have any ideas for promotional items that might help to raise your company’s profile with its customers and members we will be happy to discuss it with you.