Plastic Cards

We supply plastic cards for all reasons- name tags, security passes, smart cards, gift cards and plastic cards for membership purposes. At Plastic Card Printing we have an amazing range of non financial plastic cards, consumables and printing equipment to help you for functions, schools, businesses, etc. Some organisations may prefer to customise their plastic cards in-house.

Apart from things like plastic cards for student or staff identification purposes and gift cards, we can organise and customise plastic cards with magnetic stripes for data information storage. Uses such as electronic security locks, barcode systems, etc. are increasingly available as convenient plastic cards.

We are the plastic cards experts – providing solutions such as customised photo ID plastic cards, or to supply the equipment for your ongoing plastic cards needs. Our website is a great place to start. You will see we have a range of accessories for plastic cards including lanyards, wrist bands, vinyl card holders and even cutting tools.

Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in any query related to plastic cards. If you can think of a use for plastic cards then we are your partner in seeing it happen. Call today – you’ll be glad you did!



Card Personalisation

Plastic Card Printing offers a number of card personalisation solutions for low and high volume tasks.

Inkjet, Thermal, DOD are all possible. Multiple colours can be used for thermal printing – Please ask us for colours offered.

Name, Number, Barcoding.

Encoding of Lo-Co/Hi-Co magnetic stripes

Embossing (conditions apply) Scratch off panels can also be applied.

Smart Cards


Sequential Numbering and Encoding

If you only need a few cards numbered from 1 to 10, or numbers exceeding 500,000, Plastic Card Printing can personalise a run of cards for you by encoding a sequence of numbers anywhere on the card.

This numbering could be printed in regular digits, or into a barcode/QR code, digitally written into the magnetic strip, or any combination of these options. If you have a spreadsheet of specific numbers and other details, we can also use this information to print details on each card such as names or other card holder information. Serial number encoding is ideal for club membership cards, staff discount cards and anything else where a visually unique cards need to be presented.

Card Customising – Key Tagsall3_keytags

Plastic card printing can cut your cards to any shape or size that you can imagine! Our experienced design team can turn your idea to reality and create a product the uniquely reflects you and your business.


Recycled Plastic Cards

PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) Cards are one of the most environmentally friendly cards to produce, but with the same look and feel of PVC Plastic Cards. They are easily recycled, have a high mechanical strength and flexibility.

PLA Corn Cards are manufactured from corn oil (also poly lactic acid from corn) and promise the same durability and appearance of PVC cards. They are produced with 35% less energy and produce 25% less green house gases. They are biodegradable and produce no toxins if destroyed by incineration.

ABS Plastic Recycled Cards reduce waste of PVC and extra sheet materials. The ABS plastic recycled cards are manufactured with the same high quality printing and personalisation processes used on our standard PVC plastic cards. This product is from 100% recycled product and about 90% recycled if including a magnetic stripe.

If you are interested in any of these product lines, please contact our friendly sales team.


Photo IDs

No matter what size your company or club, if you need the security of photographic identification, Plastic Card Printing can fulfil your needs.

Using an assortment of digital image capturing devices and state of the art card printing machines, Plastic Card Printing are able to produce identification cards to clients who visit our office. Otherwise we are able to produce photo ID cards based on images sent to us in a variety of standard image formats.

From one card to one million, our team can handle any ID request.


Plain Cards

Plain Cards can be supplied in bulk orders. A range of colours and specifications are available like Lo-Co/Hi-Co mag, mifare contactless cards or standard chips. If you require plain cards, please speak with a member of our friendly sales team.